Today is Pi Day, 3/14. For those of you who have forgotten, pi represents a constant in mathematics. It’s an irrational number with an infinite number of digits that will exist and persist forever.

The same can be said of its culinary counterpart, pie. A slice of pie goes a long—even infinite—way, evoking constant feelings of comfort and satisfaction.

There are nearly as many places to find America’s favorite dessert as there are digits of pi. Yet San Francisco is a little different. It prides itself on baking outside the mold, inventing new and creative renditions to satisfy our cravings. So on this Pi Day, try one of these irrationally good dishes, which capture the essence of pie as well as the spirit of the city.

Savory Pie at the Cavalier—360 Jessie Street (SOMA)

Take a break from dessert pies and have a savory version (or three) at this London-inspired brasserie.

Photo courtesy of the Cavalier.

Whoopie Pie at Devil’s Teeth Baking Company—3876 Noriega Street (Outer Sunset)

Although it has “pie” in its name, whoopie pies are actually two pieces of cake or cookies filled with cream and are just as delicious. Enjoy any of the rotating flavors at this Outer Sunset spot.

Photo courtesy of Devil’s Teeth Baking Company.

Frozen Yogurt Pie at Loving Cup—2356 Polk Street (Russian Hill) and 535 Octavia Street (Hayes Valley)

For when you really want to eat a lot of pie but are also trying to stay fit for Coachella, these fro-yo pies are your answer. They also taste amazing.

Photo courtesy of Loving Cup.

Vegetarian Hand Pie at Tout Sweet Patisserie—170 O’Farrell Street (Downtown, inside Macy’s)

Start your Pi(e) Day out right with miniature savory pies filled with anything from spinach to feta to sundried tomatoes. The best part is that you can eat 3.1415926 … of them and not feel guilty.

Photo courtesy of Tout Sweet Patisserie.

San Francisco Honey at Ice Cream Bar—815 Cole Street (Cole Valley)

Ice cream and alcohol that tastes like pie? Done. The apple pie mead, served with chocolate and crème fraîche ice cream, is the best pie dessert without pie you’ll ever eat.

Photo courtesy of Susannah Chen.

Pear Tarte Tatin at Piccino—1001 Minnesota Street (Dogpatch)

A tarte Tatin is basically an upside-down pie. And honestly, most pie eaters will take a pie in whatever direction it comes in.

Photo courtesy of Piccino.

Mini Chicken Pot Pies at Sauce—56 Belden Place (FiDi)

Another savory favorite, this pie is baked to perfection and served hot to keep you warm, even on the foggiest of evenings.

Photo courtesy of Foodhoe.

Derby Pie Shake at ShakeDown—835 Geary Street (Tenderloin)

From this retro new ice cream spot in Nob Hill comes a milk shake that not only has walnut chocolate chip pie in it but also blends in whiskey ice cream and caramel sauce. Because, you know, Pi Day.

Photo courtesy of Infatuation.