You’ve probably seen those neon-lit nooks throughout the city where gypsy psychics are offering spiritual readings for as low as $10–$15 and scare you into paying way more than what you bargained for. While tourists may get caught in the trap, there are actually residents here who offer genuine spiritual guidance—and more and more people are seeking this information. I chatted with five psychics, astrologists and intuitive counselors to get the lowdown on their gifts and how they’re using them to help others.


Wanugee is an awareness guidance counselor who uses Chi, the life-force energy studied by the Chinese, to look six to eight months into your future. What started out as a hobby 25 years ago has turned into a full-blown career that takes Wanugee all across the country to see his clients. He uses mah-jongg tiles to reference the kind of energy that he senses.  

“Seekers can be blocked off by their own lack of awareness and emotional development,” Wanugee said. “I help them move forward in the future, because it’s not set in stone. They play a role in their own future.”

Wanugee reads up to 1,500 people every year. Readings are by appointment only and can be a done one-on-one at your place; in a public setting; or via videoconferencing, phone or email. You name it; Wanugee does it. What’s even better is that he’ll take a photo of your tiles and send you a 10-minute audio summary of your reading, which is something you’ll want to hold onto in case the message resonates more down the road. Even though he’s leveraging an ancient oracle to read your future, he’s using all kinds of modern-day technology to give you your message.

Before Wanugee tuned into his creative talent, he was really shy and lived life with a chip on his shoulder, as if the entire world were against him. “Now I’m my own example. My whole world shifted because I’m more aware of the possibilities.” If you want to feel more in tune with your own life and aware of what’s coming and why, contact Wanugee at (Pac Heights—by appointment only)

Kay Fahlstrom

Kay is a psychic medium and hypnotherapist who discovered that she had a gift after a near-death experience. After surviving accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, Kay was reborn a medium. Crazy things started happening. She began dreaming about winning lottery numbers and started getting visits from people who crossed over. Kay is certified by international psychic medium Lisa Williams.

Kay, who has 20+ years of experience, reads clients by phone or in person and offers standard one-hour readings and 30-minute readings. She tunes into your spirit guides, who can answer questions you may have about life. She’s also able to split up your reading between getting a spirit reading and receiving messages from those who have passed.

“What your spirit guide tells you is accurate because they’re with you and experience things with you,” Kay says. “I can teach clients how to work with their guides.”

The law of attraction plays a role in the way Kay reads clients, so if you’re in tune with your actions and thoughts and how they shape your life, you’ll really love her style. And even if you’re a novice when it comes to attracting things into your life, Kay will offer guidance into how to shift your thoughts and lifestyle to align with what you want.

“Spirits decide who wants to come through and in which order,” she says. “I’ll meditate for an hour before a reading to channel spirit guides, so the client actually gets two hours of my energy and meditation.”

Kay did a reading with me, and everything she said resonated with me. She shared my spirit guides’ messages about my future in love, work and life. She was also able to share messages from family members who’ve passed away. Her reading was extremely comforting and made my heart all warm and fuzzy. For your own reading, contact Kay at (Offices in Inner Richmond, San Rafael and the South Bay—by appointment only)

Felix Lerma

Felix is a psychic medium who realized he had a gift at the tender age of eight years old. He was devastated after his grandfather passed away, and he would see, feel and hear his grandfather’s comforting spirit. A serious illness in third grade heightened his gift even more, and he’s been tuning into the spirits ever since.

“I get to help people see that death is an illusion and that we continue on after this thing called ‘death,’” Felix says. “There’s evidence of an afterlife, and by knowing this, we can live here and move along the way we’re meant to and not feel stuck.”  

Felix’s client base includes all types of people, ranging from teachers to professionals to MLB and NFL players. “We all have similar questions for those who have crossed over,” he says. “‘Where are they?’ ‘What are they doing?’ ‘Do they see me?’ I give them validations—things that can’t be found out on the Internet.”

Most of Felix’s readings take place in his apartment in the city. He will simply ask for your name and birthday and then proceed with the session. Additionally, Felix offers phone readings, occasional house calls and group readings. Every session is recorded in the hopes that you’ll gain more from the reading after the fact.

Felix is usually booked two to three months in advance, so get a hold of him early. Contact him at (NOPA—by appointment only)

Joyce Van Horn

Joyce is an evolutionary astrologer and provides a deeper layer of information when compared to Western astrology. She’s been practicing astrology for more than 30 years and started studying evolutionary astrology in 1998.

“I started seeing things as a kid,” Joyce said. “My uncle and grandpa passed away, and I could hear them tell me they were OK. I saw fairies in the garden and ghosts in the house. In college, I had conversations with the stars.”

Joyce identifies things you do that get you stuck—or that, as she puts it, make you get “caught in the riptide.” She’ll tell you how to get out of your own way. “I’ll show you how to get unblocked so you’ll feel wonderfully alive with your own potential.”

Before she reads a client, she’ll get the person’s birthday and a time to analyze their chart. Most of her readings take place at her office, which overlooks Golden Gate Park. I had the absolute pleasure of getting a reading with Joyce, and she was able to tell me so much about my life, spirit and future by looking at my numbers. She started telling me about my personality, how it affects the things I want in life and hindrances to watch out for.

If you’re fascinated by signs and your numbers, you’ll definitely want to reach out to Joyce for an evolutionary astrology reading. Contact her at (Inner Sunset—by appointment only)

Jessica Lanyadoo

Jessica Lanyadoo is an astrologer and intuitive counselor with more than 20 years of experience. She’s geared more toward pragmatic strategies and insights, so if you’re looking for a straight shooter when it comes to your reading, Jessica is your girl.

She started out as an astrologer and didn’t actually believe in psychic abilities. “Through working with astrology clients, my gifts naturally developed over time, and it became impossible to deny,” Jessica says. “I find that psychic perception, like any other skill, is improved with practice. My skills are constantly evolving and growing.” 

What she loves most about what she does is her ability to help people help themselves by allowing them to make connections and develop self-appropriate strategies. Like all the mediums I’ve interviewed, she loves creating connections to lost loved ones and enjoys being a part of the cathartic and therapeutic experience.

“When I get to be a witness to someone letting go of a block or really getting a meaningful insight, it reiterates my love for this work,” she says.

Jessica does readings by phone, video chat and in her office. For your own reading, contact Jessica at (North Oakland—by appointment only)

Photo Courtesy of David Salafia