Oh, Front Cafe. We already miss you. We miss your hidden enclave of goodness. We miss the stories of intrigue and adventure (Google is building what behind the cafe?). Don’t even get us started on how much we loved your Konga Yirgacheffe Ethiopia iced coffee. Perhaps we were never good enough for you. I know you’re saying it’s you, not us—but c’mon, we promise to change. We promise to order an affogato every day. Come back, Front, come back! 

The garage at 150 Mississippi Street has been transformed into a temple for coffee lovers.

Air plants, old machinery, paper—what’s not to like!

Old-school baristas in ties. Nitro Coffee in Mason jars.    

Its open-air space makes it one of the best “open to the elements” cafes in the city.

The picnic tables on Mississippi make for great outdoor seating.

The space has a decidedly science-lab feel.

Farewell to thee, Front Cafe.