The best drink in San Francisco isn’t a Bix martini or an Irish whiskey at the Buena Vista. It’s also not a Gibraltar at Blue Bottle or a frosty Anchor Steam.

This heavenly concoction is named after an elusive bird and can be found only in the Outer Sunset. And once you’ve had one, you might consider moving a bit closer to the ocean.

It’s the Snowy Plover from Andytown Coffee (3655 Lawton Street). To call it a “coffee float” would be like calling an Aston Martin DB5 a “car”—while technically true, it doesn’t really capture the essence of something this incredible.

The Plover is made by pouring Pellegrino over ice until the glass is two-thirds full. Two shots of Andytown’s home-roasted espresso and a very small amount of brown-sugar-based syrup are then added. This sparkling concoction is topped off with a healthy dollop of homemade whipped cream and served on a beautiful wooden tray. 

In short, it’s perfection in a glass. The rich cream blends perfectly into the coffee-infused Pellegrino, creating one of the smoothest and best-tasting drinks imaginable.

You’ll also be enjoying it in a really cool setting in one of San Francisco’s most interesting neighborhoods.