Let’s say, hypothetically, you have the world’s sweetest cattle dog mix (he was a rescue too; we’ll call him Ogilvy). He does this cute thing with his paws that melts hearts, his selfies rack up hundreds of likes on Instagram, and even your landlady coos over him — but every time you take Ogilvy to the vet, he completely flips out.

Rather than muzzle Ogilvy and endure the judge-y waiting room stares of all the humans whose furry companions aren’t caterwauling as they realize it’s time to get their anal glands expressed, it’d be best if the vet could come to you. If only, right? (Cue Ogilvy’s bored sigh from over there on the couch). 

Well, that’s what the mobile veterinarians at VetPronto do. With on-demand veterinary house calls at a flat $129 rate — doing a comprehensive exam and answering all your worried questions about foxtails or parvo — VetPronto makes it much simpler for busy humans to keep their animal friends up to date on boosters. Reps gather your pet’s previous records, the fees are transparent, and you get an estimate on the phone before the vet even swings by. And if you all you really have is a quick question, you can use VetPronto’s free online Q&A service.


Just because you don’t have an institutional tile floor doesn’t mean your living room can’t be a temporary pup hospital where you can keep Ogilvy calm by blasting his favorite Black Sabbath record as he gets that heartworm test. Sure beats sitting next to the crazy cat lady who’s humming along to her crazy cat lady podcast while she waits to be seen! And should Ogilvy need something major like X-rays or (ruh-roh) surgery, VetPronto will refer you to one of their partner practices.

Got a second fuzzy fella? No prob. For a reasonable fee, VetPronto will make sure the whole menagerie is tearing the place apart as usual. And if Ogilvy is spoiling for a little, well, spoiling, they’ll clip his nails and even do veterinary acupuncture. Just because he gets stuck in the pet door sometimes doesn’t mean his chi should be blocked.

San Francisco makes it hard enough on pet owners to live with their quadruped buddies — even without keeping a nervous eye on the creepy dude who brought in that Komodo dragon with the sniffles. With VetPronto, at least one part of being your pet’s human is a little easier.

Photo courtesy VetPronto.