Name: Jamie Flam

Neighborhood: Fairfax Village, Los Angeles

Gig: Artistic Director, The Hollywood Improv and Improv Lab

What are you up to these days? When I'm not working, I am making music and comedy with Vanessa Ragland as The Spanglers, producing and contributing on-air on The Long Shot Podcast, and producing all sorts of stuff for my own venture, LA Encantada.

What event will we find you at this weekend? On Friday September 27th at 10:30 p.m. is one of my favorite comedy shows in LA at The Lab called "Stampede!" – for lack of a better description it's a comedy cowboy show starring The Fringe Riders and a line-up of amazing comedians replete with bales of hay lining the stage. It's a can't-misser!

LA is... a gigantic treasure trove of infinite and majestic treasures.

Where would you have your last meal on earth? Wurstkuche in The Arts District downtown. I'd eat one of their vegetarian sausages, fries, and a cold Belgian beer. Hopefully there'd be something similar available on Uranus. (Look at me, weaving comedy gold!)

Who's your favorite quintessential local character? The guy that dresses up and looks like Jesus and roams the streets of Hollywood. Dude is weird, but oddly calming.

Why do you love your neighborhood? Everything I need is within walking/biking distance. Thrift stores, drinkeries, Canter's, parks, The Melrose Trading Post (Sunday flea market), record stores, The Farmer's Market, Swingers Diner, and menorah stores. I got mad menorah access, yo!

Where do you go to relax and get away from it all? All the way up in Granada Hills in the North Valley is O'Melveny Park. Not many people know about it, but it's the second biggest park in LA after Griffith. Great hiking trails, lots of beautiful green grass for sittin' n' contemplatin' n' tryin' to meditate on. I've seen a couple snakes up there which is horrifying, but soul-assaulting fright aside, it's gorgeous!

What's your favorite LA institution? The San Pedro Fish Market. Hand pick your favorite seafood, veggies, and garlic bread, (w/ lemons and Tapatio of course), have them cook it to order, and then sit on the docks, watch boats and ships pass by, and chow down to the sounds of mariachi and karaoke music. And plenty of alcohol available for those that like to get shit-plastered.

What would you change about LA? I'd give it just one burrito spot that comes even close to the burrito spots in San Francisco and Oakland. Is that too much to ask?!